Temperature-Controlled Air Freight

Temperature Controlled Air Freight For a range of urgent shipping requirements, including a selection of temperature-controlled air freight options, PDQ Cold Call can utilise our international network to deliver your products worldwide whenever time is of the essence. With a range of tailored delivery solutions, we’ll be able to meet your exact requirements to ensure that the export and customs documentation is taken care for any item/s you need delivering.

Thanks to our extensive geographical coverage, we are able to enact rapid transports to each and every commercial and cargo airport around the country, with our highly-trained drivers possessing the airside clearance to ensure delivery directly to the designated transport plane, rather than being delayed in an airport’s cargo bay.

Alongside the rapid delivery potential we offer, we also provide transparency at every part of the air freight shipping process, ensuring traceability throughout your cargo’s journey. We do this by giving each of our customers the option to track the minute-by-minute location and temperature details of their consignments through our unique portal, offering peace of mind as you watch your transport move towards its destination.

For each and every one of our temperature-controlled air freight deliveries, we offer a full electronic audit trail that is enacted throughout every stage of the transit of your product/s. Providing a safe and reliable chain of custody, we utilise the latest barcode technology to uniquely identifying each item that we carry. This allows us to offer the aforementioned updates throughout transit, provided through our online "Track and Trace" portal, giving every PDQ Cold Call client who enlists our cold chain courier service the chance to view the individual delivery signatures of their temperature-controlled air freight transport in real-time.

PDQ Cold Call has developed a reputation for providing a fully comprehensive temperature-controlled shipping service, one that we have spent years cultivating through stellar safety, reliability and punctuality. Not only will your air freight cargo be collected from your premises and delivered to the designated airport, but we’ll oversee its rapid transport through customs and onto a plane, guaranteeing it doesn’t get delayed in a storage area. Once your air freight shipping transport has arrived at its destination airport, we’ll make sure that the item/s and documentation are only passed on to the nominated agent or broker who will complete final clearance and delivery. With our fleet of drivers each possessing Level 4 training, they’ll be able to transport consignments directly to the designated plane for air travel.

We fully appreciate how vital it is to ensure the reliability of temperature-critical items, so we ensure that the cold chain is never broken during transport. Not only will you be able to monitor the specific temperature and location of your transport at all time, including its current predicted arrival time, but additionally, all of our vehicles are fitted with a range of safety features and drivers equipped with extensive safety training. This combination of transparency, reliability and safety will give you the utmost peace of mind.

Your personal client portal will also allow you to book future jobs with ease, something many of our clients do once they see the quality of our service. For more details on our temperature-controlled air freight services, please contact us here at PDQ Cold Call. For any questions about our cold chain shipping, or to enlist rapid air freight shipping, get in touch with us today to discuss options with our friendly and knowledgeable service team.

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Temperature-Controlled Air Freight PDQ Cold Call UK


Customer service team
contactable 24/7

Temperature-Controlled Air Freight PDQ Cold Call UK


Specialist same-day and
next-day delivery options

Temperature-Controlled Air Freight PDQ Cold Call UK


Next flight out and hand
carry service options

Temperature-Controlled Air Freight PDQ Cold Call UK


Track the minute-by-minute
location of your delivery

Temperature-Controlled Air Freight PDQ Cold Call UK


Track the exact current
of your delivery

Temperature-Controlled Air Freight PDQ Cold Call UK


Multi-temperature refrigeration
from -25 to +30C

Temperature-Controlled Air Freight PDQ Cold Call UK


All of our drivers hold full
ADR & GDP certification

Temperature-Controlled Air Freight PDQ Cold Call UK


Won ‘Refrigerated Courier
of the Year’ in 2015 & 2016

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Temperature-Controlled Air Freight PDQ Cold Call UK

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